21 March – Happy [Working] Mother’s Day

March 21, 2018
Mother's Day

Time to celebrate the special gifts mums bring to the workplace

With the short maternity leave in the UAE and an ambitious workforce, we find many women returning back to work – often with even more dedication and passion than before. Juggling family and business requires special skills!

Skills that are actually nurtured and amplified by being a mother.

In marketing, we constantly have to put ourselves in the shoes of our target audience and find new creative solutions. It’s the same with children. They are all different, which means we need to find different ways of communicating with them.

With the volume of questions mothers face each day, from how, when and why, we also practice breaking down complex topics into simple answers, which is vital in many businesses.

And don’t forget the experience mums gain for negotiating by constantly solving squabbles between siblings. Plus the ability to keep cool and flexible even when a day does not go as planned.

Most mums leave that ‘title’ as soon as they enter their work place. You will recognise them by their very focussed and organised approach, mindful of the time they have available to complete their work.

On the other hand, they might also desperately try to forget the morning’s typical family adventures, which comedian Michael McIntyre explains so well:

And it’s on days like these when we mothers rush to work in order to treasure the hours in our other role, as ambitious, professional and respected business women.

We have celebrated international women in business already but let’s mark 21 March as a special day to celebrate mothers in business, and the skills and dedication they bring to their job.

Happy Mother’s Day, lovely working ladies!
Renske Law
Senior Account Manager