File Protocol and Administration for Client Servicing

February 18, 2016

I’m writing this piece with regard to the best ways to internally file your administration for clients and ensuring that you have a systematic process of file protocol so that all information is at hand for yourself and your team, at an instant.

Ok, I think the words administration, process and protocol should have deterred most, if not all, creative reading this! So I’m guessing it’s just me and you now, the suits.

So suits, here is a very well known fact – creatives (in general) hate ‘creative’ suits. Creatives don’t come to your desk, lean over your shoulder and critique your budget forecast. They don’t make you pin your creative briefs on the wall in the boardroom and take potshots at it or claim that they’ve ‘seen something like this before’. Nor do they ask you to increase the size of the font in your WIP report to something above 6 point!

They don’t do this because they, rightly, have no desire or need to. Consequently, they can be a bit prickly if we start to do the same with their work. So, rather than being the person who shoots down ideas at the end of the creative process, be part of the process from the beginning.

Your task is to arm them with insights gleaned from your client about the project and these should be incorporated into your clear and concise creative brief. But it needn’t stop there. Be involved. Not only in the briefing but request (demand if you have to) to be part of the brainstorming process. You should be in a position to bring insights and ideas to the table (if you’re not then I would suggest you reconsider your vocation in life) that can act as catalysts for the creative team’s thinking. No one is expecting you scamp up the creative direction but if you’re going to be in a creative environment, have a voice and contribute.

The realm of creativity shouldn’t be seen as a closed shop for the creative team alone, you too should have a positive contribution to make, just don’t tell them I told you so!

David Wright
Irritating creatives since, well forever.