Art inspires art

November 22, 2016

When you need to:
Focus on this very moment.
Tune out the noise.
Let your mind go places.
Get in the zone.


This is a portion of my current playlist that takes me places.

1. Parra For Cuva – Elara

2. Parra For Cuva – Veiled in Blue

3. Parra For Cuva – Quadrant

4. Baauer – Body

5. Mura Masa – Love for That
(Beautiful dance piece in this video too)

6. Sheer Khan – Fakear

7. Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru

8. Mura Masa – Love Sick

9. Tourist – To Have You Back

To give you a brief background on two of my favorites:


Parra For Cuva:
AKA Nicolas Demuth is a wildly talented musician from Germany. Nicolas developed an artistic style that stands out from the masses of the electronic music scene. ‘His personal catalogue has steadily shaped into a collection of slow, well-mended and melody-laden electronica that lets heart and soul dance side by side with the body and brain’. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

His current album is entitled Darwis (A darwīš is a religious monk dedicating his entire existence to the advancement of faith and meditation). In collaboration with Senoy, it’s Inspired by the Spanish way of life in a small and historically rich port town, a stark contrast to life in Berlin, and soaking up diverse musical influences, the individual titles are highly personal and reflect on specific emotions or intimate experiences.

This live performance includes streaming of beautiful visual pieces in the background by Memo and Niklas Freund

The Artists behind one of the album covers
Highly inspired by J.M. Basquiat, P. Picasso, and S. Dali, Memo is multifaceted in terms of artistic style, always keen to experiment with new methods of portraying his imagination. Most of his artworks subtly reflect today’s society, acting as a “voice” for the people who need to express their issues to the suppressed audience in this world.


Mura Masa:
The story of Mura Masa is one to remind people that there’s still room for optimism about the “internet generation”. At just 19, Alex Crossan has shown how someone with an appetite for knowledge, even if their upbringing has been isolated, can make full use of having the world at their fingertips without getting overwhelmed by “too much information”.

The Artists behind one of the album covers
Someday Somewhere by illustrative graphic designer Filip Popa.