Multiple Personality Syndrome (A.K.A – A Career in Client Servicing)

October 13, 2016
A Career in Client Servicing

Many people underestimate what it is client servicing or customer service people actually have to do. More than just acting as a client liaison, you need to have a multitude of talents in order to succeed.

Over the years you learn new skills you’ve never knew you had and never thought could exist in one person. And managing the resultant multiple personalities you have to adopt can make or break you!

A few of the additional talents that you pick up on the way include:
– “Juggler” – The talent of managing oh so many things at once, without dropping a ball
– “People Pleaser” – The important skill of executing the entire project with method of carrot, not stick
– “Diplomat” – The ability to smooth the rough edges and stay neutral, no matter what
– “Magician” – “Abracadabra!” and you can deliver the complete project in a blink of the eye
– “Mathematician” – The skill to create formulas where one plus one equals five
– “Psychic” – The ability to read people’s minds and foresee the future
– “Handyman” – Applying your self-learned tricks in design programs to fix a few things here and there
– “Creative” – We all want to be the creatives in this world, but you’re lucky if you have a natural talent for it

Ultimately, you really need to have a passion for all things in advertising and marketing in order not to regret your career choice during the first few years.

And, of course, the big pay off is when you see your campaign come to life in the pages of magazine, online and especially on the huge roadside billboard you pass every day.

Elena A.
Senior Account Manager