Fuelling Impactful Creativity

July 4, 2016
Fuelling Impactful Creativity

Ever wondered what sparks creative ideas?
Although all elements of a creative brief play their essential part, the one you should be most mindful of is the Single-Minded Proposition (or Single-Minded Thought).

This proposition acts as a distillation of your brief into a single sentence or a few words that a creative can then bring to life.

In a world of information overload, creative concepts need to stand out. This can be achieved by focusing on a single message that sparks a reaction or emotion. The point of difference can be product functionality or a brand experience.

Lego, for example, focuses on specific, proven product functionalities. One campaign, for example, was based on the proposition ‘Lego is the brain toy for kids’, ignoring additional features like durability and longevity. Tests had proven that Lego helps to develop a child’s basic cognitive skills, creativity and imagination.

This resulted in a campaign where Lego bricks were transformed into products parents associated with contributing to their child’s health and strength, in this case milk. It also demonstrated that Lego bricks could be transformed into anything children can imagine.

Very rarely do you get more than a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention so make sure your single proposition is spot on. Are you offering something new (informative)? Will it make them feel good (laugh, smile)? Is the offering unique, will it make them think (convince/persuade)?

Naturally creatives require all the information that a brief sets out but it’s a focused and defined single-minded proposition which is what fuels truly relevant impactful creative.

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Renske Law

Senior Account Manager