The Art Corner: Birth Of An Idea

October 11, 2015

I know I could just use my Mac to create a workable design, but to me, it can sometimes feel restricting to labour for hours over a monitor in the pursuit of an idea.

First ideas are rarely the best. You have a project and some thoughts, that’s a good start, but a better start is to sketch it out. And when you’re done, sketch some more.

Speaking strictly of Art Direction, you cannot compare ideas until you see them visually. In my humble opinion, this needs to be done the old fashion way – on paper. Why would you spend hours creating ideas in Illustrator and obsessing over tiny details that are unnecessary in the initial stages?

Trust me, this will save time.

To me, I find something quite therapeutic about sketching. Perhaps it’s because I’m more relaxed that I can think of ideas which I wouldn’t necessarily come up with when pushing and pulling a mouse around my desk. In a nutshell, I enjoy it and that’s what helps me bring my ideas to the next level.

I leave you with one parting thought; if you enjoy doing it, it will lead to better work. Whatever process, find the one that you enjoy and you’ll be able to produce better work.

Gabor Baboth, Senior Designer