The Changing Face(s) of Advertising

October 11, 2015

An interesting blog article by David Benady in The Guardian online newspaper posed questions about how technology is transforming marketing. As consumers spend more time using mobile technology, they are consuming marketing messages differently than in the past.

Social media and e-commerce have become more than just additional elements in the list of deliverables. Rather, they are now fundamental parts of any effective marketing campaign.

One of the main challenges is that brands must now connect with customers through smart phones, tablets and even watches in real time, with creative executions that work effectively across all these devices.

So what effect does this have on an advertising agency?

Although there is still a place for traditional static media advertising, agencies and marketing departments have to adapt to the changing times.

Creativity and producing compelling, imaginative messaging are still crucial, but alongside the old guard of designers and copywriters, many advertising agencies are relying on the skills of data specialists, web developers and social media professionals to drive the content.

Due to the instantaneous nature of media consumption, it is no longer enough to have whoever’s available updating a brand’s social media channels, ‘when they get the time’, in addition to their existing role.

To be effective and ensure content is relevant in a fast-moving modern world driven by technology, agencies should be investing in a specialised, dedicated social media team.

This new breed of advertising and marketing professionals, whether they are re-skilled members of the existing creative team or new specialist staff, need to be able to adapt strategies on the fly, to react rapidly to changing cultural events and immediately develop creative solutions that engage today’s consumers.

However, this apparent major restructuring of the advertising industry is not a sea of change, eliminating traditional forms of marketing communication. It is an exciting opportunity to expand agency skill sets and embrace the evolution of the industry.

Welcome to the future.

David Challen, Copywriter